About Law School Admissions Consulting with Tiffany Sanders

In my many years of working with law school hopefuls, I learned that a lot of hard-working, well- qualified applicants miss out on opportunities because they make bad assumptions about what law school admissions committees are looking for. My goal is to help every applicant present himself or herself in the best possible light, spotlighting the things that will matter to the committee and not wasting prime space on rehashing things that appear elsewhere in the application-a common mistake in law school personal statements.

I can help you brainstorm personal statement and optional essay topics or fine-tune existing drafts; we can work together to select your recommenders and educate them-sometimes even the most seasoned political science professors don't understand what makes a truly effectively law school recommendation. I'm here to coach you through the process, review your documents, provide feedback and advice and help you make your applications as strong as they can be.

I'm NOT an essay writing service: I'm not going to do the work for you. Even if that were ethically acceptable, it wouldn't be effective, because the whole point is to show the committee who you are. And, of course, they'll have your LSAT writing sample for comparison-handing them a personal statement with an altogether different writing style is a recipe for rejection.

If you're ready to do the work and you want insights, experience, feedback, encouragement, review and fine-tuning, you're in the right place. Just choose the package that's right for you and let's get to work!

Tiffany Sanders is an attorney with nearly two decades of experience as a professional writer, marketer, LSAT instructor and curriculum developer and law school admissions consultant. She has helped hundreds of students along the path to law school and the practice of law.


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