The law school admissions landscape has changed considerably.  As it’s become clear that the legal job market is glutted and simply obtaining a law degree is no long offers a guarantee of lucrative employment—or any employment at all—applications have dropped and some schools have cut back on the number of seats available for the new academic year.

While that may mean it’s generally “easier to get in,” just getting in to a law school is no longer enough.  It’s become all the more important to carefully target schools based on your specific career plans, and to minimize the debt you take on to get through law school.

Make Your Law School Applications the Best They Can Be

  An attorney and marketing professional with more than eleven years in law school admissions consultanting, LSAT instruction and LSAT curriculum development for a national educational corporation, Tiffany Sanders can help you avoid the mistakes that weaken most law school applications. Packaged services include:

Each applicant purchasing a package will also receive Tiffany’s three law school admission e-books:

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Personal Statement and Other Document Review Packages

Tiffany Sanders is an attorney with nearly two decades of experience as a professional writer, marketer, LSAT instructor and curriculum developer and law school admissions consultant. She has helped hundreds of students along the path to law school and the practice of law.


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