Law School Admissions e-Books

Just looking for information, or want to get your law school applications as close to completion as possible before requesting a review? Learn more about law school personal statements, letters of recommendation and "optional" essays with short, information-packed e-books.

Make Them Want to Meet You: The Key to Creating an Effective Law School Personal Statement ($5.49)

Everything you need to know about creating an effective law school personal statement, from avoiding common pitfalls to choosing the right topic for you, weaving that topic into a powerful personal essay and getting the input you need without muddying the waters and adding to your stress.

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Letters of Recommendation: Who Should Write Them, What They Should Say and How to Educate Your Recommenders($4.49)

Law school letters of recommendation can have a significant impact, but most don't. Learn how to choose recommenders who can truly advance your chances of admission and how you can ethically help them write the best letters possible. Take advantage of an opportunity most applicants don't make the most of and give yourself a competitive edge.

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Optional Essays and Addenda: When They Help, When They Hurt and How to Make the Most of Them ($4.49)

In the current highly-competitive law school admissions market, nothing that might help to tip the scales in your favor is truly optional. This book explains how to determine which optional essays and addenda will support your application, how to choose your topic or approach, and what type of presentation is most effective for each category of statement.

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Law School 3-Pack: Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation and Optional Essays ($11.25)

Looking to maximize every aspect of your application? Get all three of the e-books described above in one file, for one low price.

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Tiffany Sanders is an attorney with nearly two decades of experience as a professional writer, marketer, LSAT instructor and curriculum developer and law school admissions consultant. She has helped hundreds of students along the path to law school and the practice of law.


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